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Stair Chair Deluxe


The Stair Chair Deluxe assist paramedic and health care professionals to transport the patient up or down the stairways. It’s also comes with equipped with 4 wheels instead of 2.

Compactible Design

The Stair Chair Deluxe is compactible for easy and deploys in an instant.

Stair Chair Deluxe Stair Chair Deluxe

Ergonomic retractable Handles

Golden Season’s Stair Chair Deluxe is designed with ergonomic retractable handles for the comfort of health care professionals in executing their duties.

Come with Patient Restraints

Stair Chair Deluxe comes with patient restraints to strap the patient to the chair , enhancing the safety of the patient during transport.


Product Information
Item code Stair Chair De Luxe
Technical Information
Dimension (Deploy) 120cm x 50cm x 93.5cm
Dimension (Folded) 23cm x 50cm x 93.5cm
Weight 10.13kg
No. of Wheels 4 Wheels
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Factsheet



Item Description
Patient Restraints 2 sets are included



Stair Chair Deluxe

Stair Chair Deluxe

Stair Chair Deluxe

Stair Chair Deluxe