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GS5 Ambulance Stretcher


The GS5 Ambulance Stretcher is designed for city conditions where patients are commonly found on high rise apartments.

The main feature of the product is it’s ability to fold down into a wheelchair, allowing for access in small elevators. The conversion ferom Ambulance stretcher to wheelchair can be done even when the patient is on the stretcher.

It can be operated even when the patient is on the stretcher, preventing unnecessary trauma associated with movement with injuries. The legs of the stretcher fold down to allow entry into ambulances and locks with the bracket provided.

The product comes complete with IV drip stand, locking bracket, resting cushions, lockable wheels.

Key features at glance

  • Able to convert to wheelchair
  • Rugged and Durable
  • Gas spring operated backrest
  • Collapsible side rails
  • Easy to operate



Product Information
Item code GS5 Ambulance Stretcher
Technical Information
Length 198cm
Width 55cm
Height 86cm
Low position height 25cm
Resting angle 0° to 85°
Max. Load 159kg
Weight 43kg
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Product Factsheet



GS5 Ambulance Stretcher

GS5 Ambulance Stretcher

GS5 Ambulance Stretcher in a Wheelchair position