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Head Immobilizer


The Head Immobilizer by Golden Season is designed to prevent excessive head and neck movement. This product can used in conjunction with our Spinal Board to immobilize the patient and prevent further trauma caused when transporting the patient. The product comes with chin strap and forehead strap. This product is water resistant and can be wiped down and sterilized for repeated usage. Suitable for EMS Professionals, Rescue Team as well as Ambulance Services.

Water resistant material

Golden Season’s Head Immobilizer is constructed from water resistant material and easily cleansed for rescue. It is also suitable for use in swimming pool and water rescue operation.

Head ImmobilizerHead Immobilizer


Golden Season’s Head Immobilizer weight less than 1kg for easy transportation.

Comes complete with Forehead strap and chin strap

Golden Season’s Head Immobilizer is sold together with accompanying Forehead strap and chin strap.


Product Information
Item code Head Immobilizer
Technical Information
Dimension 45.5cm x 27cm x 14cm
Net weight 900g
Gross weight 1.1kg
Material type Waterproof
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Factsheet



Item Description
Forehead strap 1 Included
Chin strap 1 provided
Ear rest 2 provided


Head Immobilizer

Head Immobilizer