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Spinal Board


The Spinal Board is used by EMS professionals, paramedics and rescue teams to facilitate extrication of patients sustaining spine injuries or other injuries.

Reduces trauma to patient

The Spinal Board has flat surface and does not aggravate cervical spinal injuries or compromises CPR efforts.

Spinal BoardSpinal Board

Ergonomic handles

Golden Season’s Spinal Board comes with in built ergonomic handles to facilitate with lifting and patients evacuation.

100% X-ray, CT and MR compatibility

Golden Season’s Spinal Board is 100% X-ray, CT and MR compatibility. It is also designed to with stand abuse and rugged handling in the field.


Product Information
Item code Spinal Board
Technical Information
Dimension 184cm x 45cm x 6cm
Weight 7.65kg
Material type High density polypropylene
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Factsheet



Item Description
Patient Restraints 3 are included



Spinal BoardSpinal Board