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Adjustable Cervical Collar


The Adjustable Cervical Collar is a “one size fits all” collar to prevent excessive head and neck movement for patients whom have sustained spinal or neck injuries. It has 4 adjustable sizes and locks with a push of a button. The collar is extremely lightweight at only 130 grams per collar, and is easily packed, stored and transported. The collar is also waterproof and suitable for use in public swimming pools as well as wet conditions.

One size fits all

The Golden Season Cervical collar has 4 adjustable sizes for different neck sizing.

Adjustable Cervical CollarAdjustable Cervical Collar


Golden Season’s Cervical Collar weight is 130g and extremely easy to transport.

Extremely versatile

Golden Season’s cervical collar is extremely flexible in usage and suitable for use in all conditions. Having a “one size fits all” Characteristic is the collar you need to prevent excessive head movement.



Product Information
Item code Adjustable Cervical Collar
Technical Information
Width 56cm
Height 16cm
Weight 130g
Material type Waterproof
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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Adjustable Cervical Collar

Adjustable Cervical Collar