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2-Fold Stretcher


Golden Season’s 2 Fold Stretcher is widely used by Paramedic, EMS Rescue Professional, Ambulance Service and other health care professional. 2 Fold Stretcher is a lightweight stretcher is built from strong and high quality materials that allows it to withstand a high payload. It is tested by 3rd Party test centre to fail only at static load of above 800kg. The mid-point deflection is only approximately 2cm with a 120kg static load.


The 2 Fold Stretcher, as the name suggest, is able to be folded down to a compact size for easy storage and transportation as well as shipping.

2-Fold Stretcher2-Fold Stretcher


Golden Season's 2 Fold Stretcher weight is 5.97kg, making it easy to carry around. It also comes with a carrier bag and patient restraints.

Extremely durable

Golden Season's 2 Fold Stretcher is recorded to fail only at over 800kg of static load by third party test centre in Singapore. Mid point deflection with 120kg load is a mere 2cm, making it one of the most stable stretcher in the market.



Product Information
Item code 2 Fold Stretcher (V2011)
Technical Information
Dimension (Deploy) 219cm x 53cm x 13.5cm
Dimension (Folded) 109cm x 53cm x 17cm
Dimension (Full Folded) 109cm x 9cm x 19cm
Weight 5.97kg
Material type Lightweight Aluminium
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Product Factsheet



Item Description
Patient restraints 2 included
Carrier / Bag 1 provided
Litter stand Option (Sold separately)



2-Fold Stretcher

2-Fold Stretcher