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Flexible Splint


The flexible splint is moldable and allows for shaping into a strong support for any fractured or injured limb, as well as neck injuries.


The Flexible splint rolls up into a compact bundle for easy storage and transportation.

Flexible SplintFlexible Splint

X-Ray translucent

Manufactured from food grade alloy, the flexible splint allows for X-Ray without removal.

Easily shaped and cut to size

Golden Season's flexible splint can be cut to size and shaped to any form to fit different fracture locations.


Product Information
Item code Flexible Splint
Technical Information
Width 90cm
Height 11cm
Weight 145g
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Factsheet


Item Description
Bandages Sold separately



Flexible Splint

Flexible Splint

Flexible Splint

Flexible Splint