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Stretcher backrest


Golden Season’s MedEvac4 Stretcher Backrest is designed for MedEvac4 Tactical Stretcher that conforms to the patient body contour to relieve discomfort and help the patient to eat while lying on the MedEvac4 Tactical Stretcher. The MedEvac4 Stretcher Backrest is also built from Altrunium®.

Our MedEvac4 Stretcher Backrest is weighing approximately 1.27 kg. Easy to install to MedEvac4 tactical Stretcher. Extremely Durable.

Extremely durable

This product is manufactured using our trademark material, Altrunium®



Product Information
Item code MedEvac4 Stretcher Backrest
Technical Information
Dimension 80cm x 87cm x 3cm
Material Manufactured with Altrunium®
Weight 1.27kg
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Factsheet



Item Description
Litter Stand Sold separately
MedEvac4 Tactical Stretcher Sold Separately



Stretcher backrest

Stretcher backrest

Stretcher backrest