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Tactical Litter Stand


The Tactical Litter Stand is Designed to elevate a patient on a MedEvac4 Tactical Stretcher or equivalent. It is used by medical professional to access the patient at waist height. The product are sold in pair. It is compact and easily stored. Tactical Litter Stand weighs 3.64kg and built from Altrunium® Lightweight aluminium.


The litter stand is able to be compacted down for easy transportation and storage.

Tactical Litter StandTactical Litter Stand

Ergonomic leg design

Golden Season's Litter Stand is designed for stability in deployment and can also serve as an emergency operating table in the field when used with our MedEvac4 Tactical Stretcher or compatible models.

Extremely durable

This product is manufactured using our trademark material, Altrunium®


Product Information
Item code Tactical Litter Stand
Technical Information
Dimension (Deploy) 62.5cm x 61cm x 81cm
Dimension (Folded) 62.5cm x 13cm x 86cm
Weight 3.82kg / piece
Material type Manufactured with Altrunium® lightweight aluminium powder coating finish
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Factsheet



Item Description
Binding Strap Install each product
MedEvac4 Tactical Stretcher Sold separately
Tactical IV Pole Sold separately



Tactical Litter Stand

Tactical Litter Stand