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Detachable Wheel for Stretchers


Golden Season’s Detachable Wheel is designed and developed to reduce load on Stretcher Bearers. It allows one person to transport a patient strapped onto a Stretcher. The product is compatible with Raven90C and TalonII 90C Perforated Stretchers, as well as MedEvac2 and MedEvac4 Tactical Stretchers.

Golden Season’s Detachable Wheels are easily fitted onto Stretcher handles, and weigh only 3.1kgs (new with full threads on rubber wheels). The wheels are anti-puncture and can withstand a drop test of over 2m without material fatigue. The product is manufactured using corrosion free materials.

Product is sold in pairs, and Stretcher is sold separately. Carrier bag for Detachable Wheels are provided per set.


Product Information
Item code Detachable Wheel for Stretchers
Technical Information
Wheel Height 12.5cm (12.7cm with thread)
Wheel width 3.7cm
Weight 3.1kg (per pair, new)
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Factsheet



Item Description
MedEvac4 Folding Stretcher Sold separately
MedEvac2 Tactical Stretcher Sold separately
Raven 90C Bi-Fold Stretcher Sold separately
Talon II 90C Quad Fold Stretcher Sold separately



Detachable Wheel for Stretchers

Detachable Wheel for Stretchers