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The MedEvac 2 combat stretcher is the cost-effective casualty platform for rescuers faced with the challenges of natural disasters and mass casualty evacuation. Bifold, light weight with extremely high tensile strength. Able to deploy quickly and efficiently.

Super Compact

The MedEvac2 is a lightweight folding stretcher that folds into two segments. Only 42.5” (1080cm) when folded. Ideal to be deployed in field hospitals and evacuation centres


The MedEvac2 weights only 5.5kg (12.2lbs). It opens fast and easily (within 6 seconds). Just snap it open and its patented joint configuration automatically locks in place. No need to waste precious seconds fiddling with locking mechanisms as with other folding stretchers. Once it opens, it stays open - no chance of accidents - the automatic locking joints guarantee it. Refolding is just as fast - only seven seconds.

Not just for military

All the characteristics that make the MedEvac2 the ideal field hospital stretcher also make it perfect for a wide range of civilian rescue and evacuation operations. Firefighting, helicopter evacuation, ski patrol, wilderness expeditions, camping, etc.

The MedEvac2 is the best stretcher for the job; lightweight, portable, easy to use and reliable.

The MedEvac2 tactical stretcher is the best stretcher for the job; lightweight, portable, easy to use and reliable.

Rugged and reliable simplicity

The MedEvac2’s revolutionary joint configuration eliminates the need for springs and complicated locking mechanisms. With only 2 folding joints on either side, the MedEvac2 opens and closes using natural motions. It doesn’t take a genius to use the MedEvac2, only to design it. The poles are tested to take 570Kgs of stress without signs of material fatigue.

Easy transportation and storage

The MedEvac2's small folded volume and light weight means more beds can be stowed in tight places. That's important in evacuation carriers such as helicopters, where space and weight is at a premium.

Built from ALTRUNIUM™


The MedEvac2 Tactical Stretcher is built using ALTRUNIUM® - an extremely stable molecular structure formulated by our team of experienced metallurgist.


Product Information
Item code MedEvac2 Folding Tactical Stretcher
Technical Specifications
Dimension when Extended: 2140mm X 560mm X 145mm
Dimension when Folded: 1085mm X 195mm X 190mm
Weight: 5.5kgs
Frame Material: Altrunium® with powder coating finish
Canvas Specifications: Weight: 240gsm
Warp: Minimum 2400N / 50mm
Weft: Minimum 1400N / 50mm
Patient Restraints: Built-in patient restraints with buckle
IV Pole attachment points: 2 slots for our Tactical Adjustable IV Pole
Cross bar support: Reinforced ring made from Altrunium®
Handle Type: Grooved to human hand tactical black
Payload: 570kg without material fatigue
Midpoint Deflection with 95kg load: Less than 2cm
Ground Clearance: 10cm
Static Load: Over 750kg
Dynamic presses with: Over 50,000 repetitions with 250kg presses
Compatible Accessories: MedEvac4 Litter Stands, IV pole, MedEvac4 Backpack, MedEvac4 Backrest, MedEvac4 Wheelcart
Leg crossbar: Altrunium® crossbar with powder coating finish and support straps to prevent collapsing.
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Item Description
Transfusion Bag Hanger (IV Pole) For supporting an IV (Intravenous) drip
Litter Stand For elevation of the patient on Stretcher to waist height. Elevation allows Doctors, Combat Medics and Medical Personnel to examine the patient and conduct triage without squatting or kneeling down. May also assist in field surgeries.
MedEvac2 Stretcher Backrest Stretcher Backrest is designed for MedEvac2 Tactical Stretcher to assist the patient to rest at 45 or 90 degrees.
Stretcher Wheel Cart/Wheeled Litter Carrier Stretcher Wheel Cart/Wheeled Litter Carrier is a foldable, lightweight casualty transport system that allows one person to transport a casualty strapped to a stretcher. It can also act as a litter stand in the battlefield or medical stations, as it elevates the patient on the stretcher to waist height.
Gryphon Litter Carrying Harness The Gryphon® Harness allows 2 soldiers to carry a patient on a stretcher, while maintaining their ability to point their weapon forward.


MedEvac2 Tactical Stretcher MedEvac2 Tactical Stretcher MedEvac2 Tactical Stretcher