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Our Brands

ALTRUNIUM® is a registered trademark material developed and forged by our team of skilled metallurgists. It is used to manufacture the framework of several of our products including our tactical stretchers, field beds, RDS shelters and other upcoming products.


Altrunium® can withstand extreme physical abuse statically and dynamically with adamant resilience. The following videos demonstrates the strength and durability of Altrunium® when introduced to our products.

9G Freefall Test

9G Freefall Test Video


The 9G freefall test is conducted with a 114kg load on our stretcher, simulating a sudden impact of over 1000kgs on our stretchers. The stretcher does not suffer material fatigue after this test.

Material Fatigue Test

Material Fatigue Test Video


Sandbags of 200kgs are distributed over our stretcher, and 120kg presses are continuously applied until failure. The recorded press count is over 500,000 prior to failure.


Altrunium™ is widely used in Golden Season’s products, including our Medevac Tactical Combat Stretcher, Field Hospital Bed and many other field equipment.