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MedEvac 4 Backpack


CE Mark

The MedEvac4 Backpack is designed to carry our MedEvac4 Tactical Stretcher, as well as medical supplies commonly used in the field. It allows easy and fast access to medical supplies by the combat medic.

Key features at glance

  • Carries 1 X MedEvac4 Tactical Stretcher
  • Rugged and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Several pockets for storing medical supplies
  • Transparent pockets for labelling of supplies
  • Metallic frame backing protects the medic's back

Back protection

The MedEvac4 Backpack comes with inbuilt metallic plates and cushioning to protect the combat medic from back injuries. The combat medic will find the carrier extremely comfortable even with a heavy load.

MedEvac 4 Backpack

Durable and ergonomically designed

The carrier enable fast access to the stretcher as well as medical supplies carried by the combat medic. It also allows the medic to individually label the pockets for easy identification.

Built for the MedEvac 4 Tactical Stretcher™

MedEvac 4 Backpack

The MedEvac4 carrier is designed for modern day battlefield conditions, and built using the finest materials.


Product Information
Item code MedEvac4 Backpack
Technical Information
Dimension 62cm x 42cm x 25cm
Net Weight 1.2kg
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Factsheet



Item Description
MedEvac4 Tactical Stretcher Sold separately
Tactical IV Pole Sold separately
Medical supplies Sold separately


MedEvac 4 Backpack

MedEvac 4 Backpack