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Relief blankets


Heavy duty relief blankets used in disaster relief operations to provide warmth.

Warm and comfortable

Our blankets are comfortable, large and provide warmth for users. One size fits all.

Relief blankets


Product Information
Item code Relief blanket
Technical Information
Dimension 1.5m x 2m
Weight For above size, 1.75kg (583gsm)
Material 100% Polyester
Color Available Blue, brown or other dark colors.
Shrinkage Average 1% warp and weft after 3 consecutive washing at 30° C and on flat drying.
Weight loss after washing 0.7% weight loss after 3 consecutive washing at 30°C and one flat drying.
Thickness Approximately 6mm
Tensile strength 335N warp and 640N weft
Tensile strength loss after washing No tensile strength loss
Fire resistance and cigarette resistance on non-washed sample (ISO 12952-1,2,3,4) No ignition
Thermal resistance 5.04 TOG (rounded to nearest 0.1) after 3 consecutive machine washing at 30°C and one flat drying.
Resistance to air flow 768L/m2/s
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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Relief blankets