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Body bags


The Body Bag provides a means to store corpses and remains, as well as transportation for post mortem or clearing of disaster sites. This is a one size fits all body bag.

Waterproof material

Golden Season's Body Bags are manufactured using high quality PVC ensuring waterproofing and no leaking of fluids which may cause contamination.

Body bags Body bags

Flexible, compact, easy to store and transport

The Body Bags are foldable and easily deployed for usage.

Heavy duty zipper

The body bags are equipped with heavy duty zippers to allow access to the body for inspection. The body does not have to be removed from the bag for inspection and post mortem.

Carrying handles

The body bags come with heavy duty handles to aid transportation.


Product Information
Item code Body Bag
Technical Information
Material Heavy duty PVC
Carrying handle 6 handles
Dimension 2200mm x 900mm x 5mm
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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Body bags Body bags Body bags Body bags