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GS8002 Twin bay suitcase charger


The GS8002 charger is a Mil-Spec Charger for the BB2590/U battery. It is designed in a rugged suitcase resistant to rough elements, EMI, Dust and field handling. It provides charge for 2 batteries simultaneously.

The GS8002 charger is able to provide safe and unattended charging and will automatically detect for defective cells. It is simple to use and can be operated by both DC and AC. A wide range of operating voltage input allows usage from any power source world wide / internationally.

Key features at glance:

  • 2 Battery slots
  • LED indicator
  • Compact design
  • Fast charger
  • Can be used in BB590/U, BB2590/U, BB390/U.
  • Easy to use.



Product Information
Item code GS8002
Technical Information
Compatibility BB2590/U, BB590/U, BB390/U
DC input range 12 - 36v
AC input range 95 - 260v, 47 - 440Hz
Charging rate 2.0A per string
Charging time Average 3.5H from flat battery 55-2590/U
Battery slots 2 per case
LED indicators *Light LED - Fast charge
*Flashing LED - Trickle charge
*No LED light - No charge / not complete
Operational temperature 0° to 45°C
Storage temperature -50° to 65°C
Operational altitude 27000ft / 8300m
Storage altitude 55000ft / 16780m
Humidity 95% relative
Length 350mm
Width 310mm
Height 150mm
Weight 4.3kg without batteries
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Factsheet



Item Description
AC / DC Cables Comes provided with every set
Suitcase body with circuitry Comes provided with every set
Power cables Comes provided with every set


GS8002 Twin bay suitcase charger

GS8002 Twin bay suitcase charger

GS8002 Twin bay suitcase charger