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GS8001 - MKII single bay charger


The GS8001 MKII single bay charger is designed to quickly and efficiently charge / recondition BB2590/U batteries and compatible models. The charger is fitted with a durable aluminum casing, LED status indicator and is protected against reverse polarity charging and short circuits. The GS8001 MKII is an intelligent charger which varies the charging stages for optimal charging and reconditioning of BB2590/U batteries.



Product Information
Item code GS8001 MKII Charger
Technical Information
DC input 19v - 30v
AC input 220-240VAC
Charging rate 5.0A
Battery type Li-Ion
LED indicator *No light - No battery detected
*LED1 - Red light - Power detected
*LED2 - Green light - On
*LED2 - Red light - Charging
*LED2 - Green light - Charge complete
Connectors 2.5mm centre positive
Color Silver
Casing material Aluminium
Operating temperature 0° - 45°C
Storage temperature -25°C - 70°C
Length 160mm
Width 90mm
Height 52mm
Weight 0.81kg
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Factsheet



Item Description
Power cable Comes provided with every set
Male connector cable Comes provided with every set
Charger body Aluminum casing with circuitry
Fuse 1 piece extra


GS8001 - MKII single bay charger

GS8001 - MKII single bay charger