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Ammunition Container - M2A1


The Golden Season range of ammunition cans are manufactured using up to date techniques in metal strapping and modern materials to meet military requirements.

Our experience with international markets give us the know how to deal with the financial, shipping and special requirements around the world.

M2A1 Ammunition Containers meets the specification of MIL-B-3060E:


  • Cartridge 5.56 mm in bandoleers
  • Cartridge 5.56 mm in Linked
  • Cartridge 7.62 mm in bandoleers
  • Cartridge 7.62 mm in Linked
  • Cartridge .30 caliber carbine
  • Cartridge .50 caliber Linked
  • Cartridge .38 special
  • Cartridge 9mm
  • Cartridge .45 ACP
  • Cartridge 12 gauge shotgun shell Fuses for Artillery
  • Cartridge .22LR
  • For all kinds of Small Arms and Ammunition and Fuses for Artillery


Product Information
Item code M2A1
Military Spec MIL-B-3060E
Technical Information
Length 280mm
Width 139.5mm
Internal Depth 171.5mm
Tolerance ± 1.6
Color (Standard) or Customer requirement Powder coating
*Salt-spray test report from testing organization will be issued upon request.
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Factsheet